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Awaiting Taylor Ann | Louisville Maternity Photographer

Isn't Stephanie absolutely glowing!!! This beautiful mommy-to-be is near and dear to me! Before we were even born we had a strong connection, as our mother's argued over who would get to name their daughter 'Stephanie'.
As you can see, they both won.
We were playmates from birth, crawling and drooling all over each other. I broke my arm when Stephanie was hopping over me in a game of leapfrog in the third grade. We stayed up into the wee hours of the morning during our sleepovers, when we were told repeatedly to 'GO TO BED!'. We've watched each other say our vows and now we are both mothers! I can not imagine my life without this wonderful, beautiful, amazing woman in it!

Stephanie, I love you...and I know that you and Johnny are going to be such great parents! I'm so happy for you!



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2 Responses to “Awaiting Taylor Ann | Louisville Maternity Photographer”

  1. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! Steph--you look amazing and Stephanie you did a amazing job! Can't wait to meet Miss Taylor Ann!!

  2. Thanks again for taking our pictures!!!! Can't wait until you can photogragh litte Miss Tayor Ann!