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Silas's Arrival | Louisville Home Birth Photographer

I was so excited to meet this wonderful family and learn of their plans to have a home birth. As the days went by I felt certain that this little guy was waiting for Christmas, as his due date was Dec 28th. I awoke to a phone call early on Christmas Eve and was excited to see the name on my caller id. 

This little guy couldn't wait to be born, in fact he couldn't wait for myself or the midwife to arrive. This amazing momma self-delivered her little guy unassisted in her bathtub less than an hour into her labor on Christmas Eve. Daddy was on the phone with the midwife as his he watched his son enter the world. I received a call shortly later that he had made his entrance, so I made my way out to meet him.

What an amazing birth story he has, and I couldn't be in more awe of this mom.


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