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Cooper & Jackson | Louisville Newborn Twin Photographer

 I was so excited to have these little guys in my studio...not only because they're twins but because they were just over a week old and perfectly healthy which is a blessing when dealing with multiples. I normally have a trained assistant help me out with multiples, but she was unable to help me this day so I tackled these guys on my own. And let me tell you, they were amazing and my fastest set of twins to date. 

These handsome boys were truly unexpected miracles...welcomed by three older sisters. You may notice that Cooper has a 'little wing' that he sports proudly. I knew that my normal posing might not work for him, but I was up to the challenge and easily modified several of my poses to embrace his stump.

Cooper was born with his stump, due to Amniotic Banding Syndrome. While it may leave many people wondering about his well being, I'm happy to say that he is happy, healthy, and perfect. You can read more about Cooper on his mommy's blog HERE.

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