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Olivia's Arrival | Louisville Birth Photographer

It hardly seems possible that just one month ago my beautiful sister gave birth to this amazing miracle. *yes, I'm all teary-eyed as I type this* Olivia is a delightful newborn and has brought so much more love to our family. It is impossible to look at her sweet face without smiling. Her tiny fingers melt my heart when they wrap around mine. And even though I pray that time slows down so that her mother and father can savor every single moment of this newness, I can not wait to witness the beautiful woman that she will grow to be!

As promised...Olivia's arrival!
[be warned...picture overload!!! and please have tissues handy because it is impossible to watch this video without tears]
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[if your internet connection is slow, allow the video to load completely before watching so it doesn't have to buffer]

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