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Autumn's Arrival | Louisville Birth Photographer

No matter how many births I attend, each one is as emotional and heartfelt as the last.
Sweet Autumn Elizabeth's birth was a first for me! Delivered via a scheduled cesarean, I was unable to be in the operating room during her arrival, but was able to capture the emotion and events that surrounded her birth. 
For me this was extremely special because, from a nursing standpoint, I know how detached mothers can feel from the birth experience when dealing with a cesarean. I can't imagine any better way to document and encompass all the joy and love that comes with the arrival of a new life, and being able to look back through these photographs and watching this video allows these mothers to relive and see just what went on that day!
I feel so blessed to have been a part of Autumn's big day and I look forward to watching her grow!




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[if your internet connection is slow, allow the video to load completely before watching so it doesn't have to buffer]
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One Response to “Autumn's Arrival | Louisville Birth Photographer”

  1. I loved watching this video :) Thanks for sharing all your talent Stephanie and I think this is a great way to relive those special memories during all the chaos... I know it meant a lot to Lynley, Chris & family!