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Taylor's Arrival | Bardstown Birth Photographer

Remember the gorgeous belly I posted a few weeks ago? Well, sweet Taylor Annelise made her debut last Monday, and oh how gorgeous she is! Due to the fact that she loved listening to her mommy's heartbeat so much, Miss Taylor refused to turn into position and a cesarean was scheduled. After weeks of hoping and praying that she would go into labor on her own, Stephanie was excited and anxious early that morning to get the ball rolling. With all the excitement of getting hooked up to the monitors and getting her antibiotics, she started having some painful and regular contractions while waiting to be wheeled to the OR and endured them like a champ!
Once they took her back to the operating room, we all waited (impatiently) to see Johnny bring his new bundle of joy to the nursery. Weighing in at mere 6 pound 15 ounces, Taylor Anne was perfect in every way! Welcomed by a crowd of loving friends and family, this sweet little princess is surrounded with love!
I can't wait to get my hands on her again at her newborn session this week!


IMG_9640 IMG_9636


IMG_9581 IMG_9537


[if your internet connection is slow, allow the video to load completely before watching so it doesn't have to buffer]
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4 Responses to “Taylor's Arrival | Bardstown Birth Photographer”

  1. Grandma Patty couldn't be prouder!!! :)

  2. The video is absolutely amazing. Beautiful family!

  3. Wonderful video!

  4. Stephanie We love it I cant watch it without crying tears of joy. Thank you so much for capturing Taylors birth for us!