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Tatum's Arrival : Louisville Birth Photographer

As a birth photographer I am often honored with being one of the very first people to find out that my clients are expecting and sometimes I get to keep that secret until they announce the news officially. It's so rewarding and exciting to know that I am a part of that inner circle and the relationship that develops over the months of waiting on this miracle to arrive is priceless. I never grow tired of sharing these joyous and deeply intimate, first moments.

The journey to this amazing day was long and sometimes rough, but the strength and love that Scott & Madalyn have is undeniable. I squealed with excitement when I got the message back in August that they were pregnant and was delighted when they asked me to come celebrate and document their gender reveal party. As the days passed by I grew anxious awaiting to hear news of her impending labor, but as her due date came and went they decided to send her an eviction notice. 

This gorgeous and perfect, rainbow baby blessed us on a Thursday morning. Not only was she stubborn but she quickly let everyone know that she is a princess, through and through. I cannot wait to watch this little beauty grow over the next year. And if this isn't enough sweetness for you, check out her newborn session HERE.

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